Work From Home Webinars 30 Day Refund Policy

The Work From Home Webinars courses are designed to make you a success but if you enroll, put in the effort to complete the challenges and worksheets but still feel like you didn't get what was described on the course sales page, then I want you to be unhappy. I value personal referrals and even people who aren't a good match for the course have still happily recommended it to others whom they feel might be a good fit.

If it turns out you are unhappy within 30 days of your initial purchase of the course and you'd like a refund, simply email me a refund request and include copies of your completed challenges and worksheets. Your email must be time stamped to before the 30th day at 11:59 ET to be eligible and must include all completed challenges and worksheets that were listed as part of the course contents. You can attach the documents as PDFs, screenshot images, photos from your phone of completed printed documents, or share them as Google Docs. Also be sure to tell me the email address you enrolled with and which course you took.

Please note that I can't process refunds after the 30th day and all refunds are processed at the discretion of Work From Home Webinars and will not be considered without the required documents described above. Also, if you chose a payment plan when you enrolled, but you requested a refund after the first 30 days or you did not include the required documentation, then the law requires that you honor the terms of the payment plan and complete all payments.

That's it!